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Support for Syrian Family

Posted 02/03/2016 by Kelly Reid

Efforts to house a new Syrian refugee family in the capital city got a big boost today with a major donation from the VOCM Cares Foundation. Patricia Mercer, with Gower Street United Church\\\'s outreach committee, says the $15,000 donation arrives just in time to secure a living space for the family of four. Church volunteers secured a house for the family just last night and must make a payment on it by tomorrow. Mercer says a core group of 20 church volunteers stepped up to do much of the leg work. Once they secured a family through the application process, the entire congregation pitched in. Some furniture has been donated and all involved are very excited to help. The family is expected to arrive by the end of February and Mercer already knows a little bit about them. The father and mother are both in their 20s, they have a little boy who is age 4 and a girl who is 3 years old. President of Steele Communications, John Steele, says sponsoring Syrian refugees is a win-win for the province. He says the province has an aging population and we need new people with new ideas. He says the refugee family may need us, but we need them just as much.


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