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Lions/VOCM Cares Super Radio Bingo


Click HERE for a full list of sales locations province wide

The single largest fundraiser for the VOCM Cares Foundation is the Lions Club/VOCM Cares Super Radio Bingo; utilizing the 28 provincial transmitters of NewCap Inc. Bingo runs for an hour on Saturday evenings on all stations of the VOCM/CFCB Network and BIG Land Labradors FM.


 The hour consists of 4 different bingo games. The prizes for the games are as follows: 1st Game = $500, 2nd Game = $1,000, 3rd Game = $1,500 and the 4th Game is an escalating Jackpot that grows until it is maxed.   


Fourteen weeks of bingo are conducted Saturday evenings in the Fall (September to December) and 14 weeks in the Winter (January to April). Each evening begins at 6:00pm in Newfoundlandand at 5:30 in Labrador. 


Cards are distributed throughout the province by Lions Club members, as well as individual sellers where there are no active Lions Clubs. Cards are only $3.00 each and can be purchased at most retail outlets where you see the colorful bingo posters. For Radio Bingo rules, click here




If you wish to pass along any comments or concerns e-mail [email protected]


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We play four (4) games of Bingo

  • Game One: Less than a full card game: Prize is $500
  • Game Two: Less than a full card: Prize is $1,000
  • Game Three: Full Card Game: Prize $1,500
  • Game Four: Escalating Jackpot Game:


  1. Jackpot is awarded for a full card in 50 numbers or less;
  2. Winner must call 1-877-333-IWIN (4946) before the 51st number is called to stop the game and claim the escalating jackpot prize;
  3. First caller with a good bingo will stop the game;
  4. If there is more than one winner the prize is divided equally;
  5. Maximum Jackpot is approximately $7,500 or more;
  6. Prize increases each week if it is not claimed;
  7. Consolation prize is awarded if the escalating jackpot is not claimed;

Important to note: Number 3 and 4 listed above apply to all four (4) games.


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